Experienced Home Study Provider

Holden’s Heart & Home Studies is proud to work with county, state and private agencies who are helping prospective families across Colorado who are waiting for children. We understand that every story is different, from prospective adoptive parents to relatives or close friends looking to provide kinship care, so we aim to provide supportive and timely home study and consultation services to help secure promising homes for children and youth. 


The mission of Holden’s Heart & Home Studies is to help county, state, and private agencies provide studies and services to prospective adoptive and kin/kin-like families non- certified and certified home studies. We are committed to providing informative, supportive, and timely services to prospective families and kin/kin-like children placed by a Department of Human Services or private agency. Holden’s Heart & Home Studies fully embraces the belief that every child deserves a safe, loving, permanent family and that our efforts further that goal. Consistent with our dedication to provide timely, efficient services, we fully support the creation and implementation of innovative efforts to facilitate timely placements across county and state jurisdictions.

Colorado Home Study Provider

Holden’s Heart & Home Studies is Licensed by the state of Colorado to provide home study services throughout the state of Colorado. All services are provided in compliance with Colorado State Law and the Guidelines of Foster and Adoption Regulations. Domestic adoption home studies are written in compliance with all State and Federal requirements and can be used for the adoption or placement of a child in any US state. All home study requests must come from a county, state, or private agency.

Holden’s Heart & Home Studies utilizes Certified Colorado Social Workers to perform all services. We maintain solid work relationships throughout the process and perform contracted services throughout the state of Colorado. All home studies meet Colorado Department of Human Services and Foster Care requirements. Holden’s Home Studies is experienced in adoption, kin, kin-like, and foster care placements.

Adeliada “Lila” Holden is certified, licensed, and bonded in the state of Colorado.

Adeliada “Lila” Holden is a Texas University of Austin graduate and holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work.

Lila Holden has worked for almost 13 years at the El Paso County Department of Human Services: four years in the Adoption Unit and nine years in the Kinship Unit writing placement studies for kin and kin-like families. Furthermore, she prepares kin and kin-like families in becoming foster care certified. Lila works as a part-time independent home study evaluator for the state of Colorado and is on the state’s approved vendor’s list. Before she was employed with the El Paso County Department of Human Services, Mrs. Holden worked with the Rape Crises Unit, Victim’s Assistance Unit and the Amarillo Police Department in Amarillo, Texas.


At Holden’s Heart & Home Studies in Colorado, we understand how trying adoption, foster, and kinship care can be. It is a significant step in the lives of every family member involved and it has the ability to dramatically alter the future for the children and youth involved in adoption or placement. The ability to provide a nurturing, secure environment for a waiting child is a remarkable thing to do, so we aim to support every family through the non-certified/certified home study process. Each service we provide is designed to be informative, helpful, and timely. If you are not sure which study is right for your situation, connect with Holden’s Heart & Home Studies for a consultation to discuss how we may help assist your family’s efforts. Services are available in Spanish.