Adoption Home Study Resources

With vast experience working with foster care, kinship care, and adoption services in Colorado, Holden’s Heart & Home Studies understand the importance of providing supportive, informative resources for agencies, foster parents and partners across the state. The home study process can be overwhelming, but it is designed to ensure secure homes for waiting children, not to fail families who truly want to help. This process can also help Spanish speaking families.


At Holden’s Heart & Home Studies, we are proud to provide the education and resources we have curated over the years to help prospective adults and home study professionals. We aim to provide incredibly beneficial support and informative resources to make the home study process less stressful, and create a streamlined structure that benefits the waiting child. This process is also available in Spanish.

For Parents

Home Study Resources For Parents

The home study process can be confusing and overwhelming, which is why we are happy to provide our consultation services to provide families a resource on how to prepare for the home study process.

For Professionals

Home Study Resources For Professionals

As a licensed home study provider in the state of Colorado, we are able to provide county, state, and private agencies with the resources needed to qualify homes with certified and non-certified home studies.

About Holden's Home Studies

Lila Holden is a certified home study provider and approved vendor from the state of Colorado. With 13 years’ experience working with adoption, foster, and kinship care services, Lila’s experience helps transform the home study process. We believe that every waiting child deserves the best opportunities to succeed, which starts at home.


At Holden’s Heart & Home Studies, we believe in paying attention to detail while respecting the personal information of the client. Home studies for adoption, foster care, and kinship care are lengthy and can feel invasive, but the purpose of each step is to understand the intention behind the placement and to ensure the safety of a waiting child or youth. Contact us today to learn more about how we may provide the necessary support you need to complete a home study.