Home Study Services

At Holden’s Heart & Home Studies in Colorado, we are proud to provide licensed home study and consultation services to any county, state, or private agency. Caring for a child or youth by providing a healthy home environment is vital to the happiness and overall success for their future. Every family structure is unique, so whether you are looking for a family to foster, adopt, or provide kinship care for a child in Colorado, Holden’s Heart & Home Studies is your approachable, professional resource to complete the necessary home study process or consult with the families.


In order for a family to successfully be approved to adopt, foster, or provide kinship care in Colorado, a home study must be completed. The request for a home study must come through a Colorado State approved county or private agency. Home studies are designed to help the agency and courts understand how a safe and caring prospective household is for a child. The home study helps all parties understand the expectation of a family if a child or youth is placed in their care through home visits, interviews, and collection of documentation. Together, these pieces provide a comprehensive picture that illustrates how the prospective home will safely provide a nurturing environment for a waiting child to thrive.

Foster Care

Foster Care Home Study

For agencies looking at nurturing homes to provide licensed foster care for waiting children, a home study through a Colorado State approved agency is required.


Adoption Home Study

An adoption home study through a state approved agency is required and will provide insight about how a prospective family will adequately care for a waiting child or youth.

Kinship Care

Kinship Care Home Study

If you are a relative or close family friend looking to provide a safe environment for a child to thrive, then a kinship care home study through a state approved agency is required for placement approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Holden’s Heart & Home Studies, it is our goal to provide timely home studies. Depending on the specifics of a family’s situation, a home study may take six to twelve weeks to complete. During the progression of your case, we ask that every party prepares the proper documentation in order to keep the process on track.

Yes. If you are not sure which study is right for your situation or if you were asked to complete a study and you would like to know more about the process, a consultation can be provided.

Yes, in the state of Colorado, a home study is required for all adoption, foster care, and kinship care placements.

No, at Holden’s Heart & Home Studies, we place promise over perfection. We understand that a bit of grease in the kitchen or dust on the shelves is perfectly normal. Families are human, and the home inspection is designed to determine the overall safety of the home, not perfection.

Yes, in an effort to best serve the community, all services can be completed in Spanish.

Typically, a home study is valid for one year, but depending on circumstances. Some state, county and private agencies will determine the length of validity of a study. If there are significant changes in the home such as another adult has moved into the home, a home study update may be required.


Home Visits

During the home study process, three or more visits may be required to complete the study. These visits help the evaluator determine if the family is equipped to support the waiting child or youth.


All adults and children over the age of five years old and living in the home, will be assessed. The interviews will include personal information, current lifestyle, and how they feel about a child being placed in their home.


During each visit, we collect in-depth documentation. This will outline the mental, physical, and financial well-being of the household to ensure that it is a good fit for the waiting child or youth.

About Holden's Heart & Home Studies

Holden’s Heart & Home Studies believes that every waiting child and youth deserves a nurturing, secure home to thrive. As a whole, we understand that no family is designed the same, but the goal is always to protect and care for children. We aim to provide supportive and timely home studies and consultations so that prospective families may have a true partner in the placement process. Whether you are looking to help a family adopt, provide foster care, or place a child in a kin/kin-like home, Holden’s Heart & Home Studies can provide the respectful support your family needs. 


Providing a loving, secure home for a child or youth in need makes a significant difference in their life as well as yours. The ability to transform a difficult situation into a safe place takes a truly special heart and patient mindset. At Holden’s Heart & Home Studies, we provide timely and supportive home studies and consultation that can help aid in the placement process. We offer consultations to families looking to learn about the process, and partner with agencies to provide our home study services. No matter the structure of the family, we are proud to connect with you as a true partner to help assist in the adoption, foster, or kinship care development in Colorado.