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Colorado Home Study Provider

Providing a loving and secure environment for children is a remarkable journey to embark upon. At Holden’s Heart & Home Studies, we are a licensed home study provider in the state of Colorado. Our goal is to understand the purpose that each prospective family has when looking to adopt, foster, or provide kinship care so that we may provide the proper resources to help families succeed. We respect that every story is unique, while knowing that providing a child with a supportive environment is a goal, we all strive for. No matter your circumstance, Holden’s Heart & Home Studies is here to help you support families across Colorado with experienced, trustworthy home studies and services.


Foster Care

For private and state agencies looking to provide foster care, relative-foster, or foster-to-adopt, a home study must be completed through a state approved agency. Foster and relative care home studies are designed to ensure that children and youth are placed in adequate, nurturing homes according to the Colorado guidelines.


An adoption home study provides child welfare, private agencies, and the court with reliable information about how the prospective family will care for the child or youth. This helps identify how the child will be cared for. A home study through an approved adoption agency is required so one can adopt a child in the state of Colorado.

Kinship Care

Relatives and relative-like friends may provide kinship care to children who are unable to safely stay in their original home. During a relative or kinship care placement, a kinship home study through a state approved agency is necessary to document how the child will be cared for and if it is a nurturing home.

About Holden's Heart & Home Studies

At Holden’s Home Studies, we aim to help county, state, and private agencies support families across Colorado who are looking to provide secure homes for children and youth in need. Our mission is to provide certified and non-certified home studies (working through Colorado approved agencies) for either adoption or placement of waiting children. With extensive experience as a licensed home study provider in the state of Colorado, Adeliada “Lila” Holden strives to provide comprehensive, timely, and supportive home studies and consultation services. Holden’s Heart & Home Studies is licensed by the state of Colorado and all services are provided in compliance with Colorado State Law and the Guidelines of Foster and Adoption Regulations. All services are also available in Spanish.


Frequently Asked Questions

An adoption home study determines the adequacy, readiness, and want to adopt a waiting child. This is a necessary legal document when filing for an adoption

Yes, the state of Colorado requires all prospective foster care, kinship care, and adoption households to complete a home study. Foster care will require a certified home study and kinship care will require a non-certified home study unless the agency dictates otherwise.

A home study can range between six to twelve weeks depending on how long it takes a family to complete the requirements of the study. At Holden’s Heart & Home Studies, we aim to provide timely services so that families may begin to successfully provide a nurturing environment to waiting children. We will work with our client’s schedule to provide our services in a thorough and opportune manner.

Yes, a non-certified home study has less requirements to complete. A certified home study includes physicals, references, and training classes which a non-certified study does not.

A home study includes three or more home visits, interviews, and documentation. Each piece of the home study process is thorough in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of how the prospective home can care for a waiting child or youth.


At Holden’s Heart & Home Studies, we strive to provide supportive home studies to families across Colorado. We firmly believe every child and youth deserves a home to successfully grow in, so we are proud to partner with prospective agencies, foster parents, kin, and guardians. We understand that each family is created uniquely, and undergoing the placement process for adoption, foster care, or kinship care can be incredibly difficult. It is our goal to ease the process through informative and approachable home study and consultation services. If you are not sure what study is right for your situation or if you were asked to complete a study and you would like to know more about the process, consultation can be provided. Connect with Holden’s Heart & Home Studies to learn how we may help support your journey to meeting the needs of children in need. Services are also available in Spanish.